REmuda Golf Association.

2018 Weekly Association leagues events have started. 

Be a part of weekly golf competition. Don’t miss out on the fun! 2018 Association play has started at Remuda and Crane Field. There is still time to join. These are fully handicapped and flighted nine hole weekly tournaments with winnings and fun event formats. New members can join any time of the year. Register online or at the clubhouse. (See yearly membership pricing and details below.)

membership has it's privileges...

  • Free Prize Wheel on Sign Up Day
  • Weekly Competitive Events
  • Redeem Credits at the proshop
  • Participation Points
  • Socials and Dinners
  • In-House Handicaps
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Competetive Rivalry and Comradarie

Who will win this week, and who is leading in points and stats? Competition with other players is fun but most challenging is the competition with yourself and your course handicap.

Extracurricular Activities

Spring and Fall Socials, Wheel of Prizes, Summer Barbecue, Nachos at Noon, Special Events, and more!


Our Associations are divided by Tees that are played. Sr. Men play from White tees. Men’s Association plays from Blue tees, Women play from Gold tees, Couples play from women’s Gold tees and men’s White tees. Within the divisions group players by flight as determined by their handicap. One to four flights per division is typical. These flights helps spread out winnings and deliver fair results week to week for golfers of all abilities.


Winnings are awarded to the top placeholders in each handicap flight according to the bylaws. Scores are calculated using in-house handicaps only. Some special events that do not produce net results are calculated accordingly. Prize winnings will be credited within 7 days to your individual shop credit account. Winnings are golf shop credits which may be redeemed at Remuda or Crane Field for golf, equipment, and food. Results are posted on our news blog each week. 100% of game fees are paid out each week!


Only one membership fee is required to play in any or all the Associations at either course! In addition to green fees, a weekly game fee may also be required depending on the association. You are under no obligation to play every week. However, the more people who play, the higher the winnings and the more fun it is! Each member is required to sign a waiver and abide by association bylaws and presidents decisions.


You will accumulate points throughout the season for playing in Association sponsored events. Automatic participation points are awarded to all who play each week, more points depending where you place and how many association events you play in. Some events require players to have a minimum amount of points to play. (Meaning you have to use some points to buy in, and you can’t join the Association just in time to enter the tournament.) Points are also used to buy raffle tickets and prizes at the end of the season. Points are a fun way to reward player loyalty!


Once you establish a handicap you will be scored and flighted according to that index number. Members with UGA handicaps may use their index to immediately establish a house handicap, but you do not have to be a UGA membership to play. If you do not have a UGA membership you simply need to play four nine hole rounds to establish an in-house index. Not difficult at all, and we do all the work entering your scores each week to keep your handicap accurate.


Play starts in March and April each year (weather permitting) and continues weekly throughout the season. Each association has their own various weekly events on assigned days. There are various events to keep things interesting. Rules are always posted at the front desk for these events. The highly organized events are governed by association bylaws decided by the members. You will always need to turn in a scorecard no matter what the event, signed and attested by another member of the association.

Check Scores with your smart phone

Check scores with your smart phone in many ways. First, you can visit Second, you can download or native phone app. Third, you can join our Facebook page.