Remuda Golf Course Terms of Use

Thank you for supporting Remuda Golf Course. We have made some modifications to tee time and cart terms of usage in order to make your experience at the course better. These policies will help open up more available tee times and cart rentals.

Policy Updates for all Guests

   •  Online Tee Times Now Required
   •  No-Shows will be charged Green fees
   •  No Non-Golfing Ride Alongs
   •  Max. of 2 Carts Per Tee Time
   •  No Children Under 6 Years Old
   •  All Golfers must have clubs
   •  Licensed drivers only, age 18+


Thank you for your understanding of our terms of use regarding online tee time reservations and player use of the course and the golf carts. Please direct concerns about this to management, and not the cashier – they do not make policy and will refer you to management.


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Frequently Asked Questions [Tee Times]

Q. Can I just keep calling in to get a tee time? 
A. No, going forward we are now requiring online bookings. Visit and look for the “tee time” link –  It will ask you to register and enter a credit card.

Q. I’m not comfortable with that. What if my people don’t show up?

A. It is up to you to put down the exact number of players who are going to play. The system will not charge you when you make the tee time. But it will charge you automatically if you don’t show up, or if less people show up than you booked. 

Q. What if I can’t figure out how to do book online?

A. We would recommend asking a friend to book for you so you can get tee times. On busy days especially, tee times are booking online very quickly.  

Q. Can I call in or walk in on the same day for a tee time? 

A. On a slow day or windy day there may be some tee times available. If you are a punch pass holder,  association member, Club 99 member, or Youth on course member,  we require online tee times now.  

Q. What about junior tee times?

Juniors are required to book online to use their youth on course. If they don’t have a credit card, they will need a parent or guardian make the tee time for them. Foreup requires a credit card on file. 

Q. What if I don’t want to be liable for my whole party showing up?

A. The system will allow two two-somes to book at the same time, with separate names. You just have to make sure and do it quickly before someone else books there before you. Think of it like a movie theater seat. 

Q. We like to bring 4-6 guys and sometimes they don’t show up. You are going to charge me if I don’t show up is that correct? 

A. Yes, at Remuda you have to give us the exact numbers going forward. You will be charged, or a card will need to be punched for the number of players reserved, regardless of how many show up. Think of it like a movie theater ticket.  You can cancel 6 hours before 6 hour and it wont charge you. 

Q. I tried booking last night and the online system wasn’t working for me. What should I do?

A. You’ll need to show us was going on so we can help you. Next time take a screen shot show we can help you. You can also email Foreup customer support at


Frequently Asked Questions [Cart Rentals]

Q. Can I get a third cart if I have kids or friend who just wants to drive around?

A. No, unfortunately we have a limited number of carts and will only be allowing a maximum of two carts per tee time. 

Q. If I bring a guest who doesn’t want to golf, can they just drive around on a cart? 

A. No. All guests on the course must pay a green fee, and if they are using a cart they must pay a cart fee. 

Q. What if one of our golfers in our foursome wants to ride alone? Can we get an extra cart? 

A. No, unfortunately we have a limited number of carts and will only be allowing a maximum of two carts per tee time. If one golfer wants their own cart, someone else will need to walk. 

Q. Why can’t we share golf clubs?

A. All golfers on the course need their own clubs to keep the pace of play. If golfers share clubs it makes “Ready Golf” difficult to play because the player without clubs has to wait for the other to finish.