Golf Free with Aland Stanger Law Firm Consultation

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Golf Free at Remuda and Crane Field with your Aland Stanger Law Firm consultation.

Free Golf Bonus for you to enjoy

“We are excited to partner with Remuda and Crane Field Golf Course to offer a nice perk, such as golf, to our clients. Golf is a great way to let of some steam and spend time outdoors, after working long hours on a case” stated Mr. Stanger.

Golf free at Remuda and Crane Field with your Aland Stanger Law Firm consultation. Enjoy a 9 or 18 hole round at either location by mentioning this article or our radio ads in your initial consultation with Aland Stanger law firm. 

Aland Stanger Law Firm in Ogden is your premier choice for estate planning, family law and criminal law representation. You owe it to yourself to seek professional guidance to protect your assets and your rights. Aland Stanger gives you direct access to the partners. You will never be pawned off on an assistant, but will get direct and upfront attorney advice and answers to your questions. We will protect your rights and help you avoid mistakes other firms often make. Call today so we can put together a strategy to win your case.

Founding partners are Melissa Aland and Ryan Stanger. Their new offices are located: 2351 Grant Ave Suite 103 in Ogden, Utah. Just west of the Junction movie theaters. Their office can reached by phone at 801-821-4900 or through their website at: ALANDSTANGER.COM  


Contact Aland Stanger Law Firm right away to schedule your case consultation. They will help you make the good decisions which will affect you for years to come. They will guide you through every step of the process to make sure your case gets the attention it deserves. Call 801-821-4900 or send a smartphone request through their website: ALANDSTANGER.COM  

Aland Stanger attorney’s specialize in all areas of Family Law, Criminal Defense, Business Law, and Estate Planning. Legal problems can be physically and emotionally draining, which is why Aland Stanger provides clear, simple advice. You want to be prepared and understand all your options. Team up with Aland Stanger Law Firm to build a superior case and safeguard your rights. 

Ms. Aland empathizes with her clients’ problems and becomes fully invested in the outcomes of each case. She is upfront with clients that the litigation process can be emotionally draining. Ms. Aland encourages clients to put trust in her, and works to see them through the inevitable highs and lows of their specific cases. She strives to get her clients the results they deserve.

Mr. Stanger is passionate in his representation and has significant mediation and courtroom experience. Mr. Stanger’s experience includes successfully completing bench and jury trials, as well as working on family law appeals.


You owe it to yourself and your family.


Please contact us today to have your case reviewed right away. Some of the earliest decisions can make a profound difference down the road. You can miss critical deadlines if you are unprepared. Let us shoulder the burdens for you and defend your legal rights. Contact us straight away for a consultation.
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