Round up of Remuda Amenities.

We’re not horsing around when it comes to extra player amenities. Golf is your chance to focus on yourself. We do our darndest to make sure you experience a fun and rewarding round of golf.

  • Driving Range: “Driver length” with target greens, bullseye tank, grass tee line and shaded mats.

  • Practice Green: Oversized for Putting and Chipping.

  • Lessons for all abilities- men, women, and children. Including summer junior Academy.

  • Golf Shop: Quality golf supplies and name brand merchandise.

  • Clubhouse: Sandwiches, snacks, and grilled food with cold beer, soft drinks, and fountain drinks.

  • Tournaments/Outings: Private, course sponsored, business sponsored, family, and fundraiser packages.

  • Associations/Leagues: Weekly competitions for men, senior men, women, and couples associations.

  • Awesome views of Ben Lomond Peak and the Rocky Mountains. No overhead power lines to mar the view.

  • Elevated tees, cement cart paths, sand and grass bunkers.

  • Easy to find with two convenient I-15 Exits.

  • Replenish your physical, mental, spiritual, and social well-being.

  • Enjoy extra amenities and challenging course play.

 Take pride in knowing you chose a course with the most benefits and unique experiences per square inch of golf course! Here are a few of the many unique benefits enjoyed by our friendly golfers. 

1. Golf with who YOU want:

           You should make the call on who you hang out with. We would encourage you to bring your own foursome every time, but we know it’s not always possible. Therefore, we will never force you in a group with strangers if that is not your cup of tea. We have some great customers we are are sure you would enjoy meeting, but it’s not required for you to make you new friends every time you visit. (You can save the energy for next time you’re on the ski lift or on an airplane.)

2. Golf 18 holes in 4 hours or less!

          We believe Four (4) hours or less is plenty of time to golf 18 holes. Along the way you will enjoy the following Remuda “Ready Golf Rules”

  • All players must keep up with groups ahead. We are a “Ready-Golf” facility which means if you are ready and can safely hit or putt, then no need to wait for the furthest player out. Just go for it! (And save a little time for everyone.)
  • If you are an inch within tapping distance of the cup- count it. 
  • Records scores while your partner is teeing off on the next hole. 
  • Chat on the cart ride, not while standing on the greens. 
  • 2 minutes is the limit for “hunting” for a lost ball. Remuda has wall to wall grass so most don’t even lose their golf balls. If you play expensive golf balls, the savings adds up when you play Remuda! 
  • Players pick up and move to the next hole when they reach 8 stroke maximum on any given hole. 
  • Our players do not hit practice shots or mulligans during regular play. This speeds up play. (There is always another shot waiting on the next tee, so you don’t need to waste time practicing.)
  • Zippy golf carts. We set our rental fleet speeds slightly higher than average to get you to the next hole promptly. 

3. The Place for your Complete Foursomes. If you have friends with all kinds of different abilities, Remuda can accommodate golfers of all sorts. We have multiple tee distances that challenge the pro and encourage the newbies. We also have an excellent warm up putting green and range to help shake the dust off your game.

  • Black, Blue, White and Gold Tee distances.
  • 300 yard driving range and practice green.
  • Stocked Pro Shop with all the essential supplies.

4. Electric carts that are QUIET! Golf should be about nature as much as possible. There is enough noise pollution from mowers, planes, and trains that we think your cart should be whisper quiet. We keep an electric fleet of rentals for your auditory enjoyment. Plus we can set them at a little faster speeds since our terrain does not have many dangerous hills!

5. Outdoor conditions you don’t find everywhere.

  • Big sky with no overhead power-lines and a great backdrop of Ben Lomond Peak and the Wasatch front mountain range.
  • Wall to wall grass for your “play-it-where-it-lies” pleasure.
  • Exceptionally tended greens for healthy grass, truer putts and predictable conditions for regulars trying to master their skills.
  • Grass and sand bunkers that are frightful but do not punish the well played drive and chip shots.
  • Two very close on/off ramps to Interstate 15. An easy meeting place between Logan and Salt Lake.
  • Conveniently located near Willard Bay Marina and other popular destinations for those time when you want to golf and water ski the same day. Heck, why not golf, water ski, then golf again!

6. Lots of direction markers so you can tell how you are doing on the fly. 
Yardage markers at the dog leg, 150 yards from the green, and other distances. 

7. Free online Tee Times – You shouldn’t be charged extra for booking a tee time online any differently than you would for calling in a tee time. If you book a tee time and show up to claim it, that is fine by us. The convenience should be your for the taking. 

8. Record books – We keep intricate records of the best daily rounds and special accomplishments.. Your achievements mean something, and we think you should be rewarded. Did you get a hole in one? Hit an amazing chip shot? Score a record low score? Score your same age? Score a personal best. We will recognize you in our record book, wall of fame and social media. 

We Celebrate

  • Hole in Ones
  • Daily Records
  • Under Par
  • Personal Best
  • Great Shots
  • Special Accomplishments.

9. Pleasant clubhouse area to grab a drink or bite to eat in between rounds to keep your energy up. Or chill after your round is over in the air conditioned clubhouse. You can restock your balls and tees at our Pro Shop. Set up your next tee time. And check scores of the latest tournament..   

If you find these unique benefits the type of golf you are talking about, we are the place. Book a tee time now and we will save you some space! Remuda Front Desk: 801-731-7200