For Beginner Women.
An Affordable Way to Learn and Play Golf.

Join like-minded women.
Learn the lifelong game of golf with no pressure.

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Finding Motivation to Try New Things can be Tough

If you don't have a little help . . .

. . . And all that will lead to frustration and failure to get the ball off the tee! Or worse yet, it will lead to you missing out on fond memories, simply because you’re not comfortable around the golf course. We don’t want that for you. So that’s why we have built Club 99 - and brought hundreds of women like you into a program that delivers.

Your Path to Golf Greatness

Let us guide you properly to learn and play golf

Here's how we do it.


We teach you proper Fundamentals. You have to learn a few notes before the music starts


Our members provide a haven of support. Play golf with women of your same abilities. The other members feel compassion for your joys and frustrations because they are similar beginners.


We move at a beginner's Pace. We understand you are a beginner and need guidance to meet your goals. Play as much or as little as you want, we adjust to your abilities.


Your perks encourage practicing. Perfection will take a while, but practicing at the driving range will get you most of the way there.

When you have a guide leading along the right path, you will reach your destination quicker. The proper guide will help you avoid pitfalls and maximize your efforts.

Watch now to learn how Club 99 will guide you along your path to golf greatness.


What Should I do
to Begin my Golf Journey?

Choose your Three Month session

April 1- June 30
May 1 - July 31
June 1- Aug 31 (or)
July 1 - Sep 30

Complete your Online Registration

Only $99 for first year beginners, or returning members who bring a new beginner. Click the "JOIN NOW" button below.

Golf and Use your Benefits

Included are 4 lessons and 3 months of benefits - including unlimited golf after 3 PM Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays.

What Our Members Are Saying

Don't take our word for it!
Hear from some of our many satisfied members…

Worth the money to be able to golf, get drinks, range buckets, and lessons!”

Hailee L

“A great start to playing golf!”

Bethany R

What I liked most was the beautiful views. The sunsets were beautiful.”

Jasmine F

I had no idea how to golf before – and now love  playing with my husband.

Sydney H

Club 99 gave me confidence to be on the course.”

LaTanya E

I highly recommend this method of learning.”

Jan S

It was so fun. The classes are great and so helpful!

Lana S

“Instructors helped if you had any problems hitting the ball correctly! Its great for first timers.”

Kayla W

“So fun to have a group that were all at the same level.”

Megan C

Everyone there, participants and instructors, were so encouraging and helpful”

Lauren D

“The local feel! Great staff, so accommodating.”

Lori S

“Really gets you into the basics on what golf is.”

Mariah C

“Me and my sisters loved every minute of it.”

Miryka G

“A fun economical way to learn golf.”

Shellie W

“I’ll definitely be signing up again next year!

Erin K

“Learned golf and had tons of fun!”

Aubree A

“Great way to meet new people who are just learning.”

Lindsey C

“It really helped me learn and feel comfortable.”

Bethany L

“So fun to be with my girlfriends learning to love something new!

Shelby C

“Club 99 helped me fall in love with the sport.”

Katie J

“Great value that allowed me to play more than I would have.”

Theresa M

“My golf game has improved ten fold 😊

Shara C

“I really enjoyed the perks!”

Paige E

“It was very convenient and cost effective.”

Susan C

“It’s all ladies that  encourage each other.”

Jenni N

“Amazing to try something new and spend time outdoors”

Summer S

“A non-intimidating environment for beginners like me.”

Gina T

“I learned the basics and wasn’t embarrassed.”

Ali K

Don't Let Guys Have all the Fun!

They guys you know, who golf, figured out that playing on the course is a perfect way to clear the mind and spend quality time with friends. We want you to enjoy the benefits of playing golf with your family, friends, and work associates. Our Club 99 program will help you learn golf and gain a lifelong skill you will cherish.

Mothers and daughters have many titles – student, employee, business owner, church and community leader, girlfriend, mother, wife, etc. There are so many responsibilities for women these days it’s exhausting to think about. “Be the top of the class, a record breaking salesperson, a tutor and strong example to children, – not to mention a loving partner and caring neighbor!” Oh, and don’t forget to pay all the bills too…

With such an onslaught of responsibility, when are you carving out time for yourself? How is it fair to be doing so much for others, and so little for yourself? Ultimately it doesn’t do yourself,  your family, or your friends any good to neglect your life balance. You need a healthy reconfiguring of your work-play balance (without throwing off the budget).

Club 99 is here to help by giving stressed out women a weekly (or more) break from the daily grind. We have a proven track record of teaching beginners to play golf. And our members have  experienced the many benefits that come along with the club.

We want to be your coach and encourage you to expand your life in entertainment aspects, as well as social aspects, education, and overall de-stressing of life. Studies show that outdoor recreation significantly reduces physical and mental stress.

In a landmark study at the University of Missouri, researchers found that people who said they played golf at least once a month had half the risk of an early death of those who didn’t. They also had an 8% lower death rate from all causes. The researchers believe that the combination of golf ’s social nature and low-impact activity has a powerful protective effect. These findings are echoed by a 2008 study from Sweden, which concluded that regularly playing golf can increase your life expectancy by up to five years!¹


Expand Your Horizons. You Deserve More . . .


You will meet friends and spend time with other women of your same abilities.


You will enjoy time outside. You’ll use your golf benefits and perks for hours of fun.


You will Expand your mental skills and physical skills by learning the golf fundamentals.

Club 99 Membership Gives You Access to these Perks:

*Unlimited golf after 3pm on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Can you explain the Money-Back Guarantee?
A. We have a no questions asked guarantee during your first 30 days. If for any reason you feel your expectations were not met, we will give you a full refund. We want to make sure you feel secure knowing the membership purchase is risk-free. Our #1 concern is that you have fun and learn golf. If you don’t feel the membership is a fit for you, you can ask for a full refund. No questions asked! 

Will I receive a membership card by mail?

A. Cards are not being mailed. You will receive your membership card on the last day of the Introductory class.

Do I have to attend the four classes in order to get a membership card?

A. You have to attend at at least 3 out of the four classes so the instructor can determine if you are an eligible beginner.

Is this just for beginners, what about intermediate and avid golfers who want the pass?

A. Club 99 is just for beginners. All members are subject to approval. Non-beginners will be declined and not given a membership card by their instructor.

What if women’s association members want this?

A. They cannot unless they are 36 handicap players. The pass is for beginners and cannot be used for tournament or association play.

Are there limits on the 99 cent buckets and drinks?

A. Yes, one large bucket a day and one 99 cent drink per day is the limit. Buckets can be shared with other members, but not with non-members.

Does membership include cart rental?

A. No, membership does not include golf cart rental. Cart rental is sold separately. Club rentals are also sold separately.

Do previous year returning club members get any special benefits?

A. Class instruction is designed for first year beginners. Returning members are encouraged to attend and help their beginner friends pick up the instruction provided. The other benefits are the same. There are additional resources online and lesson punch cards (sold separately) for players advancing into intermediate skills.

Can you clarify what it means to refer a “first year friend referral?”

A.In order for a returning year member to get a referral discount on membership, they must refer a first time member and beginner player. They cannot refer a previous club 99 member and count it as a new referral. Your must qualify as a beginner (subject to approval), and you and your referral must pay for your membership at the same time.

Can I buy a membership as a gift to give away?

A. Yes, if you know the person’s contact information, include it in the registration form. Or, you can make the corrections on the first day of class. We recommend printing your membership confirmation email and including it with your gift.

What about husbands or family members? Can they use my benefits?

A. Club 99 discounts may only be used by the member. Friends and Family may not use your member benefits, or membership will be revoked without reimbursement. We encourage family members to buy a discounted punch pass or youth summer punch passes.

Is this for both Crane Field and Remuda locations?

A. No, there is a separate club at both locations. Members will have to choose which course they want membership to.

Do members need their own clubs?

A. Yes they do need some club. Even if it’s just a putter, 7 iron, wedge, 5 wood. Exclusive discounted club sets are available to new beginners.

Can women sign up anytime?

A. Yes, but the price will not be reduced or prorated. There are several sessions during the spring / summer, but there are only a limited number of memberships. Members also have access to the instructional videos.

What if I decide to bail out after only a short time?

A. We have a no questions asked guarantee during your first 30 days. If for any reason you feel your expectations were not we will give you a full refund. We want to make sure you feel secure knowing the membership purchase is risk-free. Our #1 concern is for you, that you have fun and learn golf.

What if I don’t know anyone to golf with?

A. We would recommend meeting some new people during the classes. You can also ask the front desk to try and find another member to pair you with when you make a tee time reservation. It’s ok if you decide to golf alone, or with family and friends, as long as they pay for their own green fees.

What if I miss one of the classes or game nights? Will there be any makeup classes?

A, Due to the discounted nature of this program, there will not be any make-up days. However, you will be e-mailed videos after each class reviewing the main points. Instructors can be scheduled for one-on-one lessons as well (sold separately.)

If I am a returning member, but I have a friend who is a new, beginner, why is the price still $198?

A. Because the price includes your friends registration also. $99 plus $99 equals $198. We have to collect both registrations of you and your friend at the same time.

Can returning members get special curriculum for classes?

A. Not at this time. The curriculum is designed for absolute beginners to introduce them to the basics of golf and help them feel comfortable and have fun learning golf. If returning members bring a new referral friend, the hope is that you will come with her to the lessons and help her learn the fundamentals. There are additional resources online and lesson punch cards (sold separately) for players advancing into intermediate skills.