The ultimate beginner's Only Golf Club for Women!

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2022 Upgrades

Due to the extreme popularity of the program, we have made the following modifications to make your experience better!

1) Class sizes are smaller and we now have more time and dates to choose from, including spring, summer, and late summer. 

2) Benefits last for three consecutive months. You can choose between Apr-Jun, May-July, Jun-Aug, or Jul-Sept. 

3) Member cards will not be mailed out this year. Your instructor will give you a membership card after verifying your beginner status, at the end of your four day crash course.

Low in Pressure, High in benefits

Are you a beginner wanting to learn golf? Join our women’s club, only $99, with a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee.  


Take advantage of this great opportunity to get outside and learn the game with no pressure. Plus use extra perks all summer like 99 cent range buckets and drinks. 


Space is limited, bring a friend and join today! 


Beginners Only Club

This is a beginner’s only class. We want you to feel comfortable being around other firs time golfers.  


You will be given your membership card only after you have taken the four day crash course  during the first week, and the instructor has determined you are a beginner. 


Once you receive your member card, you will be able to use it for all the membership perks!


Great excuse to meet friends and spend time with other women of your same abilities.


Enjoy time outside and use golf benefits and membership perks all summer long.


Expand your mental skills and physical skills by learning the golf fundamentals.

Club 99 Membership Details

Club 99 includes three months of unlimited golf anytime after 3:00 pm Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays.


 No required obligations. Play as much or as little as you want! 

Only have time for an hour of golf? That’s Ok in club 99. Want to golf 9 or 18? With or without friends? It’s up to you and your time schedule.


Club 99 includes a four day crash course. (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Evenings. See online registration form for time and dates)

Club 99 Member Perks Include

   •  3 Month Summer Twilight Season Pass*

   •  4 group learning classes

   •  99 cent Range Buckets

   •   99 cent Pull Cart Rental

   •  99 cent Fountain Drinks

   •  Member Socials

   •  Other Bonuses, like video emails


*Unlimited golf after 3pm on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays.

  • Your next step is to register RIGHT AWAY, before all the space are taken!

Club 99 Member Testimonials

“The instruction gave me a basic knowledge of the game to build upon. The club offers great benefits. It provides social opportunities with the other ladies. It gave me helpful tools and the knowledge to increase the progress and skill of my game. It was very convenient and cost effective to be able to golf more on the course.”

Susan C

“I would recommend Club 99 because it’s all ladies that are in it to learn and encourage each other. I liked how relaxed, entertaining it was. And I learned so much. I would go out at least once a week to practice what was taught in class. Most weeks it was with my gal pals, which was great.”

Jenni N

“It’s an amazing price to try something new and spend time outdoors on a beautiful course with mountain views. I particularly liked the variety of the club because I could choose if I wanted more instruction in driving or putting or I could use the course and play. The best part of all is now that I know how to golf I can go with my husband.”

Summer S

“Club 99 was a non-intimidating environment for beginners like me. The instructors were great! And the games were fun and great practice. I like the drills we were given, they helped a lot. The summer pass got me out golfing more than I would have otherwise.”

Gina T

“It was a lot of fun! I learned a lot and wasn’t pressured to be a pro. We learned the basics and wasn’t embarrassed about lack of skill. I golfed more, and with people I would have never met without club 99. Met new neighbors and friendly staff who helped out a lot.”

Ali K

“It’s great teaching and tips whether you have some golf experience or none at all. It gave me a great foundation and knowledge to build upon. I really enjoyed the perks!”

Paige E

“Club 99 was fun!! Golfing with a group of gals is better than golfing with your husband anyday. It was VERY informative, no frills and to the point. It was a great value and allowed me to practice and play more than I would have had I not had the pass.”

Theresa M

“It’s a great opportunity to meet new people who are just learning how to play golf. You get the chance to have one on one contact with an instructor to teach you how to become a better golfer. It’s a nice course to learn on. It is well maintained and is just a fun course to play.”

Lindsey C

“Club 99 made golf so much more approachable! I learned not only how to golf, but I made great connections while on the course, and the staff seemed really invested in my progress. I was able to golf a lot and it really helped me to feel comfortable and progress as a new golfer.”

Bethany L

“It helped me fall in love with the sport of golf. Not only was it amazing to have instruction from the pros, it was so fun to be out there with my girlfriends learning to love something new! It helped me get some more time with my husband and son doing something we all enjoyed! It got me outside and to be more active.”

Shelby C

“I would recommend. Club 99 helped me fall in love with the sport. Plus doing something for myself helped fill my cup. I enjoyed the pass because it allowed me to spend time with the family out on the course and I could actually play the game. The course was fun for beginners but still good for all levels.”

Katie J

“It is a great opportunity for beginners to get out and play together on a fabulous course. The ability to teach all levels they were presented with. It gave me the confidence to be able to golf and not feel guilty about my score. The local feel! Great staff, so accommodating.”

Lori S

“I would recommend Club 99 to all beginners. The Club really gets you into the basics on what golf is and what to expect.”

Mariah C

“Me and my sisters all signed up for club 99 this year and we loved every minute of it. We are all beginner golfers and thanks to the great instructors we feel like we are able to go golfing with our husbands without completely embarrassing ourselves. The lessons taught us so much, the instructors made us feel so comfortable and gave us some great tips to help us improve. Thanks to Club 99 we were able to have a great summer together and now we all absolutely love to golf!” 

Miryka G

“I loved being a member of Club 99 this past summer and I’m sorry to have it come to an end. I have always wanted to learn to golf, and this provided a fun economical way to get started. I learned so much! The instructors were great! And more than that, my sisters did it with me and it gave us an opportunity to get together each week and have some fun. Thank you!”

Shellie W

“Club 99 was amazing! The instructors were wonderful and so helpful. Who knew that the smallest adjustments can make all the difference in your golf game? If you are wanting to get into golf or even just looking for a fun way to connect with other women, Club 99 is for you. I’ll definitely be signing up again next year! Thanks, Club 99 team!”

Erin K

What I liked most about Club 99 is that you were able to learn the basics of golf, improve your game, and have tons of fun! The lessons were easy to understand and had time to practice with the pros. And you could golf for free 4 nights of the week! So fun!”

Aubree A

Club 99 Previous Season Members

Great news for members who participated last season. Cost for 2nd year is $199, and $299 for 3rd years. (Only $198 if you refer a brand new 1st year member to us – and that includes your friends registration too!)


Benefits will be the same as first years, and includes free learning events, Summer Twilight Season Pass that includes golf anytime after 3:00 PM Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays – June 1st through September 30th, and 99 cent perks such as pull carts, fountain drinks, and range buckets.


FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Will I receive a membership card by mail?
A. Cards are not being mailed this season. You will receive your membership card on the last day of the Introductory class.


Do I have to attend the four classes in order to get a membership card?
A. Yes, you have to attend at at least 3 out of the four classes so the instructor can determine if you are an eligible beginner.  


Is this just for beginners, what about intermediate and avid golfers who want the pass?
A. Just for beginners. All members are subject to approval. If we recognize them as anything but beginner golfers they will be declined and 

refunded. This program is for 36 handicap women, and/or women who don’t know what handicap means. (Prior members of Club 99 are the only exception to this.)


What if association members want this?

A. The pass cannot be used for tournament or association play. But they can join if they qualify as beginners and are approved. Only to use for recreational rounds of play.


Are there limits on the 99 cent buckets and drinks?

A. Yes, one large bucket a day and one 99 cent drink per day is the limit. Buckets can be shared with other members, but not with non-members.


Does membership include cart rental?
A. No, it does not include cart rental. Cart rental is sold separately. Club rentals are also sold separately.


What about husbands or family members? Can they use my benefits?

A. Club 99 discounts may only be used by the member. We encourage family members to buy a discounted punch pass. Juniors are encouraged to buy Youth on Course or our youth summer punch passes. Friends and Family may not use your member benefits, or membership will be revoked without reimbursement.


Is this for both Crane Field and Remuda locations?
A. No, there is a separate club at both locations. Members will have to choose which course they want membership to.


Do members need their own clubs?

A. Yes they do need some. Even if it’s just a putter, 7 iron, wedge, 5 wood.


Can women sign up anytime?

A. Yes, but the price will not be reduced or prorated. There are several sessions during the spring / summer. You will also have access to the previous member instructional videos.


What if I decide to bail out after only a short time?
A. We have a no questions asked guarantee during your first 30 days. If for any reason you feel your expectations were not we will give you a full refund. We want to make sure you feel secure knowing the membership purchase is risk-free. Our #1 concern is for you, that you have fun and learn golf.


What if I don’t know anyone to golf with?
A. We would recommend meeting some new people at the crash course classes. You can also ask the front desk to try and find another member to pair you with when you make a tee time reservation. It’s ok if you decide to golf alone too.


What if I miss one of the classes or game nights? Will there be any makeup classes?

A. Due to the discounted nature of this program, there will not be any make-up days. However, you will be e-mailed videos after each class reviewing the main points. Instructors can be scheduled for one-on-one lessons as well (sold separately.)