Orientation for new players.

Orientation for new players.

          Welcome to your first day of golf! We are glad you could make it. Below you will find some tips, house rules, and common courtesies our golfer’s practice. Please take a moment to acquaint yourself with them and you will enjoy your experience to the fullest! “The More You Know…” as they say. 

1. Tee Times Equal Smooth Times

          Although not required, we definitely encourage everyone to book a reservations ahead of time to help keep the flow of tee times moving smoothly. Reserve online or call the clubhouse up to 6 days in advance. (We prefer if you book online as it lessens the call volume on busy days.)

          It is proper to show up 15 minutes or more early so your group is on the tee box at your tee off time. (If you need a wake up call contact your concierge … or a rooster.) No tee time is necessary if you are just hitting at the driving range or putting on the practice green. 

Tip: Ask about our monthly specials.
2. Warm up your Icy Joints

         Please warm up on our complimentary practice green and/or purchase some range balls before hitting your first regulation ball. Practice on the regulation course is not allowed, so it’s best to get the nervous ticks worked out ahead of time. That also means no “Mulligans” (Do-over’s) when you are on the course. You may not play practice balls or more than one ball while on the course.  You may also choose to play a scramble format (where you and your partners play from whoever’s ball was hit closest to the green.) 

3. Keeping up with the Bobby Joneses

         Keep up with the group in front, not ahead of the group in back. That is the rule of thumb when golfing on any course. Please don’t hit your ball past them for heaven sakes, that is terrible golf etiquette and very unsafe. If you can’t possibly keep up, then wave all the backed up groups through. (Not a big deal, especially if you are on the green already.) Step aside and let them hit their drives. Then finish putting while they make their way to the green. You may even want to come back to the clubhouse for a while and we will put you back out when things settle down.

4. We’re a “Ready-Golf” Course. Ready. Set. Golf!

          “Ready Golf” means, if you are ready and can safely hit or putt, don’t wait for the furthest player out. Just go for it! If you are within tapping distance of the cup, count it and record scores while your partner is teeing off on the next hole. Save chatting for the cart ride, not while standing on the green. Other groups are waiting for you.
Also, please resist spending more than 2 minutes “hunting” for a ball. If you can’t find it soon, it’s gone! You will probably find another one to take it’s place so you’ll come out equal. Two hours and five minutes per nine holes is the time limit for regulation play. 

5. Stroke Limit

          Golfers should pick up andmove to the next hole if they reach 8 strokes on a hole. Yes, that counts penalty strokes in the water and those hits out of bounds. We’ve all had those days. Don’t penalize the other golfers in your group and those behind you. No one wants to witness your “tin cup” moment! This will also help ensure that you are keeping up with the two hours, five minute per nine, time pace.

6. Being Neighborly, Even if it hurts.

          Leave your ball where it lies if you hit in a neighbors property, that is out of bounds big time. Neither you nor the course owns other people’s back yards. You wouldn’t want someone driving their cart or chipping divots out of your own lawn, and neither do they. It is also proper to leave a note if you damage a neighbors property with errant golf balls. Remember only respectful and upstanding golfers are welcome on our course. (The others are welcome to golf somewhere far away, like Mesquite.)

6. Greens and Tees

          Never drive a cart on or near a green or tee. The course superintendent will pass out! Always park directly on the cart paths next to the tees and greens.

          We are privileged to have super golfers who fix ball marks on the greens. Then we have the Elite Players who fix their own marks and one other! “We’re not worthy!” Bless you my friends, these are the unselfish acts that differentiate golffrom other heathen sports. Same goes for fairway and tee divots, fill them with sand when you make them. Let your conscience be your guide when you see other people’s divots begging to be filled.

          Other helpful greens care tips- Don’t step directly on the hole or step on club heads or golf balls while on the greens. They are sensitive! Remove litter and leaves and try to avoid leaving your own droppings. (Pick up cigarette butts and leave sun flower seeds home.) Never use your putter to retrieve a ball out of the cup either, it beats up the rim of the cup for the next person.

          Other helpful tee care tips- Leave the tee designation markers be. Don’t be the grump who hits the tee marker and splits it in two with a rental club. Save that rage for tax filing day! And if your joints allows, please pick up your broken tees, orhave your caddie do it. Toss them in the cart or in your golf bag. (Who knows when you might need some kindling…)

7. Piloting electric golf cars

Renting golf carts is a fun way to get around the course. They are moving vehicles that can hurt people and do damage unless controlled just like an automobile. Only licensed drivers may drive carts. Juniors without driver’s licenses are not insured on the course and are not allowed to drive carts. As mentioned above, there are designated areas for driving the carts. Never get drive them onto the green complex or tees. Park on cart paths. Drive very slow in staging areas and parking lot areas. Never exit the boundaries of the course. (Because we think they may self destruct. No one has dared try it to find out…)

Thanks for visiting the orientation page, now that we have shown you around the place. We hope you will spend lots of time discovering the many nooks and crannies of the golf course, and the joy of a golfer’s lifestyle. 

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