August 16, 2019

Remuda Junior Academy Club Championship

junior golfers 2019

Remuda Golf Course

Junior Academy Club Championship      August 14, 2018     Results

Boys  Ages  7-11 

1st Dallas Jiron
2nd Daxton Hancock
3rd Trey Davis

Girls Ages  7-11

1st Kennedy Pauling
2nd Madison Gibson
3rd Ava Thornton

Long Drive  Boys  #13 –  Dallas Jiron  187 yds.
Long Drive  Girls  #13  –  Kennedy Pauling  158 yds.
Closest to Pin  Boys  #12    Trey Davis  48’-6”
Closest to Pin  Girls  #12  –  Ava Thornton  12’-8”

“Most Improved Junior Golfer Award”  –  Luke Manning

Boys  Ages  12-17 

1st Tyvan Hickey – 41
2nd Jackson Eiland – 43
3rd Jayden Paskett – 46 

Girls Ages  12-17

1st Morgan Sanford – 55
2nd Emrie Wallace – 62
3rd Bailee Jones – 67

Long Drive  Boys  #13 –  Dawson Chapman  224 yds.
Long Drive  Girls  #15  –  Morgan Sanford  178 yds.
Closest to Pin  Boys  #17 – Nathan Paskett 47’-9”
Closest to Pin  Girls  #12  –  Bailee Jones 33’-4”
Longest Putt Award – Colby Fowers  21’-4”

Our always fun Remuda Junior Golf Academy finished off an eventful 3 months of Summer classes and skill challenges from almost 60 young golfers culminating in a FUN and competitive Junior Club Championship this past Tuesday, August 14th.On an absolutely ideal summer morning, with warm temperatures but no wind to speak of, our 58 young golfers from the ages of 7 to 17 put their improved skills of driving, iron play, chipping and putting to the test in an exciting battle for various prizes and medals for the top three contestants in one of four youth categories.There were also Special Awards for the Most Improved Golfer in each of the two age groups, as well as cool prizes for the Longest Drive and Closest to the Hole.We also gave a special “Never Give Up Award” to 12 year old Hannah Metters for her weekly determination, work ethic and inspirational attitude to others.Hannah’s smile and enthusiasm on the golf course is truly contagious!

It was very evident from the onset that all of our junior golfer’s hard work, weekly practice, pre-shot routines, and putting drills really paid off as there were lots of beautiful drives (many over 150 yards and more impressively … pretty darn straight!) and some excellent chipping and putting displays. There were at least 8-10 Putts made from over 15’ feet from all sides of the true rolling Remuda greens. 

But the real performance of the day and championship came from the amazingly talented and young 9-year old Dallas Jiron shooting “even par’ score over four holes to clinch the individual boy’s championship for the younger age group. That is one of the LOWEST scores we have seen in our decade long Junior Academy program.  Dallas is becoming one of the top young players in the State of Utah for his age division and has an exceptionally bright future.  And if you watch him chip and putt, you will soon see why he can outscore 90% of the older golfers.  As always, we love to see those ‘short game skills’ on display with our Junior Academy golfers!   These young players are taught and reminded often by their great instructors, it’s “Drive for show . . . Putt for dough!”  Our more experienced adult golfers could learn a LOT from watching these young players in action.

On the par 3 12th hole, our Closest to the Pin winner and second youngest player, 7-year old Ava Thornton hit her tee shot to just over 12 ft. for a birdie opportunity!  Her proud grandmother was frankly amazed at the skill shown by her youngest grandchild.  That’s just another great reason Junior golf is such a great sport for families .  .  .  young and old. 

We were especially impressed and grateful by the fantastic support from our awesome parents, grandparents and other friends this year, as we had over 110 visitors coming out to support their young golfers. This is the most support on tournament day that we have EVER had .

In the younger girls division, the always consistent Kennedy Pauling, accomplished the difficult and rare “three-peat” as our girl’s Junior Club Champion again with her solid driving, great short game, and steady FOCUS.  She has a beautiful golf swing and just continues to improve every year!  But perhaps even more impressive is how Kennedy encourages and helps the other girls around her as they play.  Outstanding job, Kennedy!

In our older age division, ages 12-17, our east coast Carolina transplant, Tyvan Hickey, shot a solid 41 on the more difficult back side to take the boys division championship.  Ty, as we call him, earned this title with a weekly work ethic around the chipping and putting green that is rarely seen in a young person.  He can be seen practicing 4-5 times a week working on his short game and is always focusing on any areas of his game that are not quite ‘up to par’.   On a side note, Ty will only be in the 8th grade and is sure to make a big impact on the Fremont High School golf team starting next year.  Congratulations Ty!  You have a great future at Fremont High School and beyond! 

Finally, in our older girls division, age 12-17, our always smiling “lefty” and Fremont high school golfer, Morgan Sanford, won her first Girls Club Championship award after three years of hard work.  Morgan is very athletic young lady who never gives up and is a great example to the younger girls of working hard and sharing her talents. In the four years of her involvement in our junior program, I have NEVER seen Morgan ride in a golf cart!  She is always packing her clubs with a smile on her face.  We’re proud of you Morgan.

We are very pleased to announce our “Most Improved Golfer Award” for 2018 was presented to the always smiling 8-year old Luke Manning.  What an impressive young man!  If you want to meet the most positive and hard-working little golfer in Utah, just stop by the Remuda putting green on any given day and you’ll see this 4’-2” tall dynamo of a player.  I have had Luke join me on several occasions to compete against the high school golfers in the area.  They all learned quickly . . . this kid can really putt!  It is rare to see such a work ethic and desire to improve in such a young player.  Well done, Luke!

As was mentioned earlier, certainly one of the best parts of our annual Junior Academy Tournament is to see the many enthusiastic parents and grandparents (over 100 this year for the time ever) walking along or driving carts in support of their young golfers.   As in past years, many of our parents and grandparents cheerfully helped us with our scoring and assisting our young golfers to play at a nice pace on the course.  As always, we are deeply appreciative of all of the wonderful parents, grandparents, friends and other family members who have been super supportive of the Remuda Junior Academy programs all Summer long, and over the past decade.  I think we would all agree … no young person can succeed without such dedicated support.  We greatly appreciate all of you !!!

Finally, a quick comment on the importance of ATTITUDE … whether in our golf games or in life.  All of our young golfers played with determination and stayed pretty positive, which can be tough at times in this challenging game of golf.  There is a lot of truth to the old adage that your “Attitude determines Altitude”.  It has been my observation as a teacher and coach for over 30 years that our best players paid a little more attention to their pre-shot ROUTINE, stayed POSITIVE despite hitting some stray shots or missed putts, and continued to FOCUS on each and every shot.  This is something that is ‘easier said than done’, but is a true principle that leads to success and happiness in pretty much all areas of our lives . . . including the improvement in our golf game.

I heard more than one youngster say, “Remember the 3-2-1 Rule … 3 times as many putts as drives, and 2 times as many chips as drives.”  Golf is and always has been about ‘TARGETS”.    We start out with big targets that are almost 50 yards wide, but as we get closer to our final goal, that little 4 ¼” hole, the more exact and focused we have to be.  

It was also impressive to see our younger kids showing off what they had learned this summer by playing “ready golf” and being quite respectful of their fellow golfers during each other’s shots (with a friendly amount of bantering).  We are happy to report that there no injuries (always a good thing) along with a lot of excitement, determination, and FUN throughout the day . . . which is the real reason we should play golf in the first place, right?

Again, I want to express how very PROUD I am of each and every one of our Junior golfers, not just for all their hard work and improvement on the course, but just as importantly for the great sportsmanship they displayed all season long and during their final Summer tournament.    

I would also like to share a sincere thank you to the entire awesome Remuda Staff for their season long support.  Just fantastic help as always!  The golf course, and especially the famous Remuda greens, never looked better and we have Superintendent James Keyes and his outstanding maintenance crew to thank for that.  A special thank you to the Aland family who have built and continue to maintain two of the nicest, family friendly golf courses in the entire state, Remuda and Crane Field.

Each one of our Junior Academy golfers received a variety of fun prizes at our final awards ceremony, which was well attended.  But I must admit … the new Emoji golf balls seemed to be the real hit of the party !   Who would have thought that crazy golf ball faces and designs could make our young players WANT to putt more?  We also had nice selection of treats and ice cream sandwiches this year.

Finally, I would like to thank my great team of quality Instructors and Coaches who helped me from the first week in June.  Each one is invaluable to our solid program and showed great patience and the PERSONAL touch with their individual kids.  Again, thank you:  Sierra Wallace, Taylor Butler, Cameron Fowers, Cord Costley, Ryan Martinez, and my right hand man, Mitchell Bauschard.

Well done Remuda Junior golfers!  Thanks for all your great personalities, (and occasional CRAZYness), your hard work, and a great Summer season.  I hope to see all you next June . . . and please invite a friend ! 

Al Haag –  Remuda Junior Golf Academy Director