Tournament Business Partners

Increase your name recognition and show
the public your support of the community

Remuda host various public tournaments and welcome commercial sponsorship. On-Course sponsorships include 4-5 hours of booth space at a tournament, a tee sign, and your organization name on event printed materials and digital ads. Sponsorships must be paid in full prior to the event for guaranteed participation. The pricing fee is dictated by each specific event.

Generating good-will with the community can be tricky

Some of the reasons business owners cite for not participating . . .

. . . The problem is, you know it is worthwhile to be a part of the community, but it's hard to find the motivation. Not everything is about revenue - being a trusted household name carries immense value in itself. Many business owners don't know how to begin, or what constitutes a community event. Or they are depressed by the amount of time and organization it takes to throw their own community events. They are frustrated because they have a great desire to enrich the lives of their customers and staff beyond the walls of their business - but don't know where to begin. Here is where we can help by doing all the initial work for you . . .

We do the hard part for you

Our community tournaments are well known and sell out each year. You get all the benefits of the course promotion and production of the tournament.


We put on a great show for tournament goers. We produce a fun and entertaining event that leaves players smiling. Your brand benefits from the connection of these positive experiences.


We have years of experience hosting community events. These events are widely publicized online and by print. There is no shortage of interest and we sell out each time.


With many seasons of experience, we know how to do the hard work so you don't have to. We prepare and handle the details to make sure the event is momentous, and professionally organized.


Players and sponsors know our tournaments will be entertaining and leave guests smiling. We include flights for men's and co-ed teams. Our guests get more swag, and are well fed and well hydrated.

On-Course sponsorships include 4-5 hours of booth space at a tournament, a tee sign, and your organization name on event printed materials and digital ads. Custom modifications are also allowed.

I'm ready, what do I do to Next?

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• Remuda Freedom Festival
• Plain City 4th of July
• Remuda Club Championship
• Remuda Junior Championship
• Weber Schools Charity Fundraiser

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We offer tee box sponsors that include a booth on the course. We also have passive sponsors - food, raffle, and cart sponsors. Click the button below for current pricing.

Prepare for Tournament Day

Decide on a theme, contest, giveaway, or some other hook to reward people for stopping by your booth. We have many ideas to help you collect leads or entertain players.*

Tournament Sponsors Stand to Gain These Great Benefits:

Suggestions for Even More Sponsor Excitement

We are here to help. If you need guidance, our staff can assist you on every aspect. If you have an on-course booth we want to amp up your presence during the event. Or if you don't have 4-5 hours, you can offer passive support.

*On-Course Actions

Here are some fun ideas for on-course sponsor booths.

• Expand your business and brand exposure with free logo merchandise giveaways.

• Capture leads with a business card drawing giveaway. $100 bill is always a hit. Sports memorabilia is popular.

• Capture names/phone/email with a freebie giveaway or game like spin the wheel, Plinko, or raffle drawing.
• Bring branded awnings, flags, signs, vehicle wraps, etc.

• Set up your booths at the staging area or clubhouse before and after the event for extra exposure.

• Donate a raffle item for after lunch giveaway drawings. (Announce on your Facebook site.) Take photos and send out prints or post online.

Passive Sponsoring

Here are some great ideas for supporting tournaments you cannot attend.

•   Donate a teams registration fees. Pay the cover charge for a team of staff or friends. Put it over the top and wear matching logo shirts!

•  Sponsor the Driving Range Warm Up. "Range balls sponsored by ABC Mortgage" for example. There are many different extras that a sponsor could provide such as hole-in-one insurance, trophies, drinks, lunch, range balls, music, swag bags, etc.

•  Provide branded golf merchandise for the swag bag. Most tournaments include a goody bag for golfers to take with them on the course. Put in things that golfers will use multiple times.

•   Promote the event with signs on your business property and bulletin boards. Promote the event on Facebook and email. Passing around sign-ups in your businesses and organizations.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Is it ok to give out gifts to the players at our sponsor booth?
A – Yes, the more unique your giveaway is, the more memorable it will be for the golfers. They may respond better to golf accessories such as a golf glove with your logo, or logo socks, for example. Golfers also have a hard time resisting something like a snack or cold lemonade. Avoid bringing things that melt in the sun or taste bad if overly warm.

Can we do contests or lead captures during the event?
A – Yes, the players will enjoy a contest or drawing giveaway as long as it doesn’t take to long.

How long should we expect to be on the course during a tournament?
A – Expect a minimum of 4 hours, and maximum of 5 hours depending on the size of the event.

How many players are there in a typical tournament?
A – The Average about 120 players, but can range from 100 to 140 depending on the size of the event.

What supplies do I need to bring for an on-course booth?
A – Bring your own folding awning or umbrella to stay cool. Bring a collapsible table and chair for comfort. Prepare to dress according to the weather. Jackets if it is cold. Sunscreen if it is hot, etc. Stay hydrated and bring some snacks to eat.

Can I send a representative to man the on-course booth?
A – Yes, that is great. Please advise them to show up early to set up. Usually 30 to 60 minutes before the shotgun start is enough time to get set up.

Do you accept any kind of business sponsors?
A – We reserve the right to accept or deny any sponsor request. For example, if we have an exclusive agreement with a company, we may have to deny a competitor business. Or, if we feel the business is not a fit with our tournament, we may also deny the request. (This is rare.)

Will sponsors get a cart to use for set up?
A – There are typically no extra carts available on tournament days. If you have specific needs, such as moving oversized objects, parking vehicles, motorized equipment, banners, and so forth. Please discuss these with management beforehand so we can make the necessary arrangements beforehand. Maintenance can help deliver items to the designated tee box for you.

Can I sell things from my sponsor booth?
A – Selling products on-course must be approved on a case by case basis. Any offers that affect the player scores or pace of play must be approved, such as mulligans, or extra hits.

Can we post flyers, signs, or social media posts for the event?
A – Absolutely. Any meaningful exposure to the event is appreciated. We can send you flyers to hang on bulletin board etc. And if you have sponsor referrals send them our way.

Can you explain the Money-Back Guarantee?
A – We have a no questions asked guarantee. If for any reason you feel your expectations were not met, we will give you a full refund. We want to make sure you feel secure knowing  you can ask for a full refund if anything goes wrong. We want the event to be fun and serve the community just like you.