Spring break junior camp

Spring Break Junior Camp for Beginner Kids

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Give’em a big break! Only $99

Thank you for taking this step toward getting your children interested in the great game of golf. Your kid may be the next ‘break-out’ star in the golf world. But you won’t know if you never give them the chance to try!

Please take advantage of this very special introductory golf camp for boys and girls age 7-15. This is a beginner series where junior golfers will be taught the fundamentals to get started in the lifelong sport of golf. (How many sports out there can an 8-year child old and her 80-year-old grandfather play together?!)

Davis and Weber School district spring break, this year, is April 1-5, 2019. The camp will run from 2 PM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday. Each day there will be a new and exciting two-hour lesson with skilled instructors and other students participating. Classes incorporate games and rewards to keep things interesting. Your kids will enjoy learning a variety of different skills every day – from how to stand and how to hold the club – to what a green is, what tees are, and so forth. The last day will include a celebration with food and drink.

Clubs will be provided for students to use, or they are welcome to bring their own set. All students will also receive a U.S. Kids training club to keep.

Fun, Exercise, and Education.

Parents and guardians will enjoy the low price of this camp. It has been subsidized by the golf course owners to lower the barrier to entry for new and beginner players. Take advantage of it so your children do not miss out! It may not be repeated. $99 is a very low-risk way of introducing kids to golf. If they love it we will help them continue on the path. If not, we will still make sure they have a good time.

Enrollment comes with lots of extras such as a free Youth on Course membership, golf club with training grip, golf balls, snacks, study materials, and other prizes. The last day there will also be pizza! Plus, parents will be given a report card with recommendations on how their Junior player should proceed on their “Path to Golf Greatness.”

Finally, once classes have ended, Juniors can play on their own during the rest of the season, for as little as $5 per round with their Youth on Course. (It’s also fun for kids to practice with a friend – try to bring a second student if you can.)

Class size is limited to 25 at each location. Please sign up as soon as possible so your student doesn’t miss the cut this year. Make it the best spring break ever!

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the class size? 
A. We will cap the size of the class at 25. If there are still more students interested beyond 25 we will consider adding another session at a different time.

Q. What if my student doesn’t have any clubs? 
A. Not a problem, we have clubs for them to use. We also have subsidized sets for students who want to keep them beyond the class.

Q. Can my student bring his/her own set of golf clubs.
A. Yes. Or we will provide clubs to use during the class.

Q. Is this just for beginners?
A. Yes, the curriculum is for the very beginner student.

Q. What should my student wear?
A. Shoes are a most important consideration, athletic shoes are the best. No opened toe shoes or sandals. And no cleats. Shirts that do not interfere with swinging a club should be worn (tee-shirt or collared golf polo shirt are great.) Shorts, pants, or slacks are fine to wear. Sunscreen, a hat or visor can be worn if it is bright outside.

Q. Where should we meet on the first day? 
A. Back patio of the clubhouse near the driving range. (West side of the clubhouse.)

Q. What exactly is the Youth on Course membership?
A. It is a program operated by the Utah Golf Association to subsidize green fees for junior players. Membership can be used for recreational rounds at many courses along the Wasatch front, including Remuda and Crane Field. It varies slightly between courses, but usually, it will cost about $4 for nine holes and $5 for 18 holes to golf (for rounds that typically cost $14-$30.) Membership is $10 if you buy direct with Youth on Course.