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Remuda Senior Sock Hop Scramble [9/22/21]

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Senior Sock Hop Scramble

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FAQ - Frequently AskeD questions

Q. Can you explain the “Florida Scramble” format better?
A. In a Florida Scramble with teams of four, all four players tee off, the best shot is selected, then only three players hit their second shots. The better of the second shots is selected and the player who hit it sits out the third shots; and so on until the ball is holed. The has two effects. First it spreads out the responsibility and makes it more of a team competition. Second, it tends to speed up the tournament pace of play a little. 

Q. Does my team need to pre-register to participate
A. Yes. Only registered and fully paid teams will be included in the tournament. There is no standby list. We have to pre-order food and make scorecards ahead of times, so we need to get the technical details handled beforehand. It also makes checking in quicker.

Q. Age 75 seems like an arbitrary age to let Seniors play from the gold tees. What if I am usually playing Gold Tees already? 
A. That is a common age leagues and tournaments use to separate regular seniors from “super” seniors, if there is a lot of feedback after the tournament about tees, we will modify things for next year. The tees at Remuda aren’t dramatically different so we felt in a full foursome things will average out. 

Q. Is this a UGA event, are net scores going to be used?
A. No. This is a low gross team event without handicapping. We have added additional contests to spread out the winnings and make it more fun. 

Q. Can women play in this tournament? 
A. Yes, however, there will not be doing a separate division for co-ed or women teams. Only one, low gross division and other contests like skins, closest to the hole, etc. Women can choose what tee they want to play.