Remuda Strategy Guide.

This hole by hole strategy guide was compiled by PGA professionals and course instructors to assist golfers and students improve their play and lower their scores at Remuda Golf Course.

Remuda Hole 1 – Appaloosa –
Par: 4 (Four)
 400 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 17th in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 8,630 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: Extraordinarily wide fairway, even for Remuda. Grass bunkers are hiding out on the right side of the fairway and one behind the green. The range net spans the entire left hand side of the fairway. Slight dogleg left to right if played correctly.
Advice from the Pro: I recommend keeping the tee shot slightly left of the barber pole, as this sets up the best approach to the green. The most undulation on the putting surface is to the right. Give yourself the most green to work with. Dropping the ball in from the right side of the Fairway with a pin set on the right almost guarantees another stroke.”

Remuda Hole 2 – Shetland –

Par: 3 (Three)
Yardage: 138 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 9th in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 9,950 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: Peaceful pond at your center and right. Black and Blue tees must fly the water. White and Yellow tees can cheat to the left but must contend with a grass bunker guarding the front left of the green.
Advice from the Pro: What water? Take one more club as water will not help the ball stay in flight, quite the opposite. Put the ball in the center of this and all greens. If you set it in the middle, you are half-way to the hole. Don’t shoot at flags on the edges, they are not called sucker pins for nothing! Especially on this hole.

Remuda Hole 3 – Percheron –
Par: 5 (Five)
Yardage: 457 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 11th in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 7,040 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: A dogleg left that can be confusing for right handed golfers. The “Remuda Triangle” will devour your ball and you probably won’t find it if you slice hard right. Two grass bunkers guard the right side at 150 yards out and 50 yards out.
Advice from the Pro: Stay away from the left side of the fairway. Notice the trees and the people on the tee box at 17 or the putting surface of 16. They won’t appreciate you taking that shortcut you really don’t need. Target your tee shot down the middle of the Fairway. If you teed from the appropriate tee box you will have a good look at the green. Go for it! A good birdie hole.

Remuda Hole 4 – Mustang –

Par: 3 (Three)
Yardage: 200 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 3rd in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 9,700 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: White sand bunker and trees guard the left forward side of the green. Fairway mounds may lend you a favorable bounce on right side of the fairway.
Advice from the Pro: This is a huge green. (Remember to aim for the middle of the green.) Pick the appropriate tee and you’re on. Let your ego tee off for you and plan on a boogie. The only way to consistently get Birdie Putts on par threes is to hit the green with your tee shot. If you make a mistake, try to make it to the right. You’ve probably noticed houses on the left and you’d be wise to avoid them. The little hill on the right can really help redeem your errors.

Hole 5 – Arabian –

Par: 5 (Five)
Yardage: 500 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 7th in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 10,020 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: Long gradual dogleg left. Two white sand bunkers guard the left side of the fairway. Tall trees and houses block you shortcutting it. Number three tees and pond on the right may be of concern to slicers. Some right side green mounds to lend a helpful bounce. Dramatic mountain views.
Advice from the Pro: Keep your tee shot right of center for a good look at the green on your second shot. If you’re out a ways, aim for the American flag slightly right of the green. (Hope it’s up the day you play!) This is another huge green. Cut it in half and be in the middle and in front. it does slope nicely, it’s a good uphill putt hole.
Remuda Hole 6 – Hackney –
Par: 3 (Three)
Yardage: 217 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 1st in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 9,470 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: Depth perception makes the green it look closer than it is. Two white sand bunkers guard the left hand side of the green. One visible and one invisible. Wetland depression and mounding on the right.
Advice from the Pro: You must be on from your tee shot for a chance at par or one putt birdie. The turf in front of the green is usually soft, so no forward help there. Err to the right if you feel a little out of control. (Notice the houses and bunkers on the left.) If you are in the cat tails on the right, call the clubhouse for an emergency lesson.

Remuda Hole 7 – Belgian –
5 (Five)
Yardage: 467 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 15th in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 7,300 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: Gentle rise to elevated green. White sand bunker located mid-fairway on the left. White sand bunker guards the left front of the green. Many pines line both sides of the fairway.
Advice from the Pro: This is a very do-able par five if you stay in the middle. However, it can be intimidating with houses and trees looming in on both sides. If you are worried, use an iron off your tee shot, you can easily make it with three shots to the green and you may even score a birdie. Remember the fairway area in front of the green will stop your ball, so no forward help. Clear this area for the best chances. Try not to drop above the flag, there is a serious downhill slope in most areas on the green.


Remuda Hole 8 – Morgan 
Par: 4 (Four)
Yardage: 367 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 5th in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 8,370 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: Willow patch near the tee box. Woop-de-do mounding right off the tee box near left fairway boundary. Grass bunker on left of green and native walnut tree guarding the right side.
Advice from the Pro: Find the barber pole. Do not go right! This is a very deceptive Hole from the tee box. Anything right is in the wet cabbage rough. Your best placement is slightly left of the barber pole. (Really!) Don’t go pin seeking here, especially if it’s a blue right placement. In my experience it’s best to putt from the middle up hill to the blue right location.

Remuda Hole 9 – Quarter –
Par: 4 (Four)
Yardage: 373 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 13th in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 9,900 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: Native trees shade the tee box. Very slight downhill motion can add five yards to your drive. Grass bunker guards the front left side of the green.

Advice from the Pro: As straightforward as it looks. Error to the left if you are a right handed slicer. Don’t be hero and waste a par opportunity. There is good front to back incline on this green. It is most sever on the left side of the green.

Driving Range and Practice Green
Par:  Medium and Large buckets
Yardage: 300 from mats to back of range fence
Distinguishing Features: Covered mat tees to keep you dry and to shade you from the heat of the day. Grass hitting stations for driving and chipping practice. Great place to host a group activity or date night. Nothing like barbecue and range balls on a Friday night. And don’t forget about your putting practice. “Putt for dough” on the oversized practice green located a few steps away from the driving range and clubhouse. Putting and chipping allowed.
Advice from the Pro: Always putt on the practice green to get a feel of the green speed on the other holes. Warm up your driver and irons as well. Get all the jitters out so your first swing on #1 is long and straight.

Remuda Hole 10 – Clydesdale –

Par: 5 (Five)
Yardage: 529 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 8th in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 11,550 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: Longest par 5 on the course. White sand bunker left side of mid fairway. Grass bunker 100 yards from green on left side. Extreme white sand bunker guards right side of green. Row of large trees shade the evening sun.
Advice from the Pro: This hole can wear you out if your not careful. Most likely it will be a three shot up hill drive as wind will be in your face. Very generous fairway though, and a large flat green. Very picturesque and wide open.

Remuda Hole 11 – Spanish –

Par: 4 (Four)
Yardage: 333 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 16th in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 7,520 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: Large retention basin right of fairway is in play. Large spread between forward and back tees. Tall poplars block shortcutting. White sand bunker guards the front left side of the green.
Advice from the Pro: Hole is reachable for genuine long knockers. The rest of should enjoy our par. As trees fill in you will pay the price for trying to cut the dog leg. There are plenty of hazards to punish you for trying!

Hole 12 – Welsh –
3 (Three)
Yardage: 104 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 18th in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 9,050 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: The tee complex built around large native tree smack in the middle. It’s the shortest hole on the course. Large white sand bunker and mounding guards the right side of the green. Another large native tree guards the left side of the green.
Advice from the Pro: Largest green on the course, at least in relationship to the tee shot. It is the best hole-in-one chance on the course. Most people find it requires a lofting club in between the two they find in their bag! Try not to toe it and send a line drive through the houses behind. Putt front to back for the best birdie chances

Hole 13 – Tennessee –
Par: 5 (Five)
Yardage: 517 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 10th in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 6,700 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: Wide open with a gradual depression off the tee box. Mounding and large grass bunker on the right mid-fairway. Water on the left and back of green comes into play. Tiered green can be perplexing.
Advice from the Pro: Let it rip! If you don’t hook you have a very good par or birdie chance. Aim for the landing area slightly right of center for a superior second shot. If you can’t find your ball after your second shot it might be in the water! A pin in the middle could mean a big breaker, or fun downhill putt.

Remuda Hole 14 – Hanoverian –
Par: 4 (Four)
Yardage: 432 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 6th in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 7,470 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: Tall trees line the right and left sides of the fairway. A white sand bunkers is located mid fairway on the left. Another sand bunker guards the front left of the green.
Advice from the Pro: Not a cinch to be on the green in regulation as the prevailing wind is against you. Try to error to the right if you have to, but try to stay in the fairway or you will be dodging poplars to get back on track. Straightforward and par-able hole if you work on your short game.

Remuda Hole 15 – Paint –
Par: 4 (Four)
Yardage: 364 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 12th in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 9,270 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: Poplars and mounding line the right hand side of the rough. A deep grass bunker guards the front left of the green. Water is hidden behind the green. Nice view of the mountains, lake, and clubhouse.
Advice from the Pro: Best hole on the course to swing out of your shoes. The wind helps and no out of bounds! Just watch for golfers on the other fairways- FORE! A very flat green as well, with just a hint of dangerous water behind it.

Remuda Hole 16 – Friesian-
Par: 4 (Four)
Yardage: 453 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 2nd in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 10,230 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: This is a Long par 4. White sand bunker guards the right side of the fairway where your tee shot should land. Tall trees block you shortcutting the dogleg left. Water behind the tee complex and on the right of the fairway should not come into play if you hit straight.
Advice from the Pro: I hope you’re on the proper tee box or you almost guaranteed a bogey. The wind will not help, and it is a very long dog leg left. Slicers are in the water or in hazards on the right. Try to cut the corner and you’ll be in a mess. This hole will remind you of that wedge lesson you meant to take… A pin on the left side of the green will produce a big unpredictable break.

Hole 17 – Paso Fino –
Par: 3 (Three)
Yardage: 212 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 4th in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 6,190 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: Another depth perception deception. The green is farther out than it looks. Native Russian Olives stand with open arms on both sides of the fairway. Pot grass bunker right of the green complex will cause you trouble if you are not careful. Grass bunker guards the front left.
Advice from the Pro: Use a little more club than you think you should from the back tees. It feels like gravity is against you off the tee box. If you’re on, you’re in! This hole has a nice picturesque surrounds including, water, mountains, and endless green grass. It is the heart of the golf course.

Remuda Hole 18 – Thoroughbred –
Par: 4 (Four)
Yardage: 365 yards from Black Tees
Course Rank: 14th in overall difficulty
Green Surface: 7,300 Square Feet
Distinguishing features: Water on your right extends the full distance of the fairway. The driving range net runs down the length of the other side. A deep grass bunker guards the right front side of the green. Watch for jumping fish!
Advice from the Pro: Prevailing wind could help. That’s the good news. Now the bad news, water to the right is reachable, since it starts at the tee box. There is a big screen to left, also reachable. (Driving Range is in range in other words.) Second shot to one of the firmest greens. Don’t attack a back pin. If you’re wrong you must chip back to a good slope away from you. Front pins are tricky too because of the downhill slope from the middle.

“The Nineteenth Hole” – Clubhouse
Rank: 1st in customer satisfaction!
Distinguishing Clubhouse: With a classic exterior design, double entry pillars and red brick exterior. And vaulted ceilings and oversized chandeliers inside. Furnished for a sit down meal or an in-and-out pick up on the turn. Clean restrooms, the golf channel, stocked golf shop, heated and air conditioned, and lots of food and drinks. The clubhouse banquet room is available for Tournaments, weddings, parties, and other reception events. See our Events Page for more information.
 Guests: Register at the clubhouse before golfing or practicing at the range. Inside you will find the golf shop and snack bar to prepare you for your round of golf. After your round come back and tally your score while enjoying the company of your friends in the comfortable lounge.
Thanks for golfing with us today.
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