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Top 10 Golfing Tips for New Guests

Top Golf Tips for New Guests

  1. Recreational players should tee up from the white tees. (Or gold/red for ladies and seniors)
  2. White stakes are used to mark out of bounds. Do not hit balls that are out of bounds or in a neighboring property. Hit a new shot instead.
  3. Eight shots per hold is the maximum. Pick up after eight and move to the next tee.
  4. Keeping up the “pace of play” means keeping up with the group ahead of you (as opposed to worrying about the group behind you). 2 hours 10 minutes per nine holes is the time limit to stay under.
  5. Practicing on the course during your round is not permitted. (Such as replaying holes, or playing more than one golf ball at a time.)
  6. Players are required to fix their ball marks on greens, and their divots in fairways and tees (use sand to fill divots if available.)
  7. We are a “Ready Golf” facility. Which means: No Fivesomes allowed. Do not wait for the furthest golf out to hit first. Everyone should hit simultaneously if they can safely do so. Don’t recored scores on the green. Move off the green swiftly so the next group can play.
  8. Golf carts must not be driven on greens, green collars, tees, or bunkers. Park directly on cement paths whenever possible.
  9. Children or any player without a valid drivers license may not pilot golf carts. It is irresponsible and prohibited by our insurance underwiters.
  10. Outsides beer must not enter the course in order for us to maintain licensing. Please help us keep our beer license and buy inside the clubhouse. Your help is appreciated.

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