What's a Remuda Anyhow?

The word “Remuda” comes from western cowboy heritage. Pronounced “RUM – YOU – DUH” locally. (The “muda” part is pronounced the same as in the word Ber”muda.”)
The word Remuda it is derived from the Spanish language and means a herd or corral of working horses. Accompanying a Remuda is always a cattle herd. On expansive and long cattle drives the cowboys required a large number of horses. A Remuda of horses could reach into the hundreds. They were very valuable assets and were sometimes the target of horse thieves and Indians because of their great value.
The word “Remuda” is not used as commonly today, mainly you hear it in John Wayne westerns and Louis L’amour novels. The choice for the word as course name was meant to conjure the spirit of the west and remind one of the awe-inspiring sight hundreds of thunderous horses might evoke. And nobody minds if you call us the work horse of golf courses. Our goal is to perfect your game and increase your enjoyment through lots of practice, lots of reassurance, lots of motivation and lots of fun. That is the essence of what our Remuda was designed for.
Envisioned by Keith Downs (1931-2003), the course has wide open fairways and modern oversized greens to emulate the expanse of the western deserts and Rocky Mountains. Here you experience the freedom of driving your tee shots as far as possible, (imagine the cowboys driving cattle as far as the eye can see!)  Keith designed a golf course that would allow golfer’s of all abilities to accurately play the game and gauge their skills without the course needlessly punishing good shots.
Bridal up your team and visit your new Remuda of 18 thoroughbred golf holes. Escape to the serenity of the Farr west country side, conveniently located just minutes from two freeway exits near Farr West Exit 349, Willard Bay South Marina, and the Smith and Edwards surplus store.